A Proxy to Life

be unit again…*


I am born as one,

as a unit called life.

Growing up I realized

the unit is gone.


Inside and outside appear as two,

the world around me and I.

Looking for to be one again,

the unit.




Reality of heartbeat, breath and blood,

emotion and mind.

Reality what makes me real.

Virtual reality as a  proxy  to life,

that will get you nowhere

to find the unit we naturally are…*


Without expectation

Experiences are bearing our expectations,

The influence of our mind makes the experience conditioned,

What do you expect when you wake up in the morning?

The wish that all expectations become real?

We can hope …




Melody Harmony Music Speech and Universe

The universe oscillates, it has a sound, it resonates. And every existence in any universe sounds with his own melody, together, in a harmonical symphony.

When someone talks to somebody else, in Germany we say:

“The chime makes the music “

We have a special melody while talking. The melody changes depending on the person we are talking with and also on the theme we are talking about.


On a final note I like to present you a small impression about melody in music. It is an instrumental composition a made as improvisation: Please listen (best with earphones).



Communication Babylon and Shiver

Sometimes communication is well sometimes it isn’t.

made of stardust

Often, when people don’t understand each other I associate the situation with an’ imagination of BABYLON. Everybody talks another language. His own language. A hundred people – a hundred languages.

But it is not a reason for shivering…

It is easy to avoid such problems of communication. In my opinion, the first step for a good verbal communication is to learn listening. Listen what the other is talking about. Listening without thinking about secondary objects, without any ulterior motives, listening in the state of a calm mind.

In this way we will remember how to process instead of consuming and collecting information!

Do you know that our brain-activity processes the own ideas in the same way like the ideas of other people? Our brain doesn’t makes a different between own thoughts and the thoughts of other people… That’s great – isn’t it?




Schließlich ist blind sein nicht ausschließlich eine Angelegenheit der Augen…

Vor einigen Jahren habe ich in einer Reihe der Hochschulschriften einen kleinen Beitrag über Aikido mit Blinden und Sehenden geschrieben. Etwa sechsundzwanzig Jahre habe ich blinde Menschen im Aikido unterrichtet. Der Schlußsatz in einem Zeitungsartikel lautete:

“Und schließlich ist blind sein nicht ausschließlich eine Angelegenheit der Augen”

Warum erwähne ich das hier?

Die meisten Menschen glauben, dass wenn sie ihre Augen schließen gleichsam wüßten wie es ist blind zu sein. Das unterscheidet sie nicht von einem Kleinkind, welches die Hände vor seinen Augen hält und glaubt, nicht mehr gesehen zu werden.

Für eine Innenschau, für eine Einkehr oder allgemein gesagt, um zur Besinnung zu gelangen, bedarf es das sogenannte ‘geistige Auge’. Jenes allerdings ist bei einem sehr großen Teil unserer Mitmenschen nicht geöffnet, so dass ihnen wichtige Einsichten, die erkenntnisreiche Einblicke in das Leben erhellen, verwehrt bleiben.

An dieser Stelle möchte ich gern einen Text von linislife anfügen, welcher wundervoll zur Ergänzung gereicht.


Some more about my insights of LIFE-experiences.

AIKIDO takes a big part in my life.


The founder of Aikido said:      Aikido   is LOVE.   It is!

It is a martial-art based on harmony. I worked with blind people, many years, and wrote about this work. If you are interested, please click the Aikido- Link above….

Human being – the Making-of

Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

Life, what it is?


Please, don’t feel bugged out because of old questions, people ask in every generation and any time.

The basic of science is ‘to want to know’ who we are and what is the reason of existence.

We are result of existential laws. To behold them can give us an answer ❤️