Identity – Identification – Self-confidence

we are we self…*


Identification often is just only an image. We get an image from others. Also we live with a self-image, the idea who and how we are. Mostly our self-image is not going congruent with the image other people educed from us.

We know what is an ID… To use a computer we need a lot of IDs.

Our identity maybe is to be an Englishman, American or German, to be a scientist, a star or to be a special someone.

What is my identification? What is yours?

 I ask myself: “who am I ” – 

I am what I am, what I am being… In this way I come to my self. 

My self is my


I am my bones, my muscles, my organs, my tissues, my vessels, my nerves, my brain, my thoughts, my blood, my pneuma, my spirit, my Qi –

That´s my identification, that´s my Identity .

What is yours?

made of stardust


Communication Babylon and Shiver

Sometimes communication is well sometimes it isn’t.

made of stardust

Often, when people don’t understand each other I associate the situation with an’ imagination of BABYLON. Everybody talks another language. His own language. A hundred people – a hundred languages.

But it is not a reason for shivering…

It is easy to avoid such problems of communication. In my opinion, the first step for a good verbal communication is to learn listening. Listen what the other is talking about. Listening without thinking about secondary objects, without any ulterior motives, listening in the state of a calm mind.

In this way we will remember how to process instead of consuming and collecting information!

Do you know that our brain-activity processes the own ideas in the same way like the ideas of other people? Our brain doesn’t makes a different between own thoughts and the thoughts of other people… That’s great – isn’t it?