A Proxy to Life

be unit again…*


I am born as one,

as a unit called life.

Growing up I realized

the unit is gone.


Inside and outside appear as two,

the world around me and I.

Looking for to be one again,

the unit.




Reality of heartbeat, breath and blood,

emotion and mind.

Reality what makes me real.

Virtual reality as a  proxy  to life,

that will get you nowhere

to find the unit we naturally are…*


Without expectation

Experiences are bearing our expectations,

The influence of our mind makes the experience conditioned,

What do you expect when you wake up in the morning?

The wish that all expectations become real?

We can hope …




Autumn Berlin 2017 Harmonica

the golden month*

We have a nice autumn in Berlin. People here call it:

“The golden October”

The month October is characterized of the life-energy’s direction from the outside to the inside and from up to down… generally. We are not going so often outside in the coffeehouses, sitting in the sun, going to swim in the sea, we are more in our house to enjoy our lifetime. The daylight soaks the darkness.

This is the time where I make some more music. If you like to listen my new autumn-composition, please start here:

Autumn Berlin 2017

Enjoy your lifetime and take the crop …

Time passes swiftly…*

Time gives any phenomenon a beginning and an end. Time passes swiftly, so don’t be negligent.


Clarify the big matter of life and death…

Nothing will stay as it is because life is changing. Anyway, act now, the past is gone, the future will come.